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the U.S. Depart○ment of Commerce ●over a request that ○the package gian○t enforce rest○rictions on C●hinese telecom equ◆ipment pro◆vider Huawei.In t○he lawsuit file■d in the U.S. Distri〓ct Court in the Di○strict of Col●umbia, FedE〓x claimed that d○epartment's latest● measures to ◆restrict t●he business ac◆tivities of U.S. com●panies with Huawei "◆place an unreasona◆ble burden on FedEx ■to police the■ millions of ○shipments that tr●ansit our network ○every day.""Fe■dEx is a transp○ortation com●pany, not a law〓 enforcement a●gency," FedEx〓 said in a stat〓ement.The depa〓rtment in May〓 added Hua◆wei and its affilia■tes to an "en◆tity list," a move t○hat under Ex○port Administrati●on Regulat●ions (EAR) barred ■U.S. companies from○ supp

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餺nic chips ●or providing othe○r technologies wit●hout U.S. gover●nment approval.T◆he action followed ●a national emer●gency declaration ◆issued by the ■Trump administrat〓ion over what○ it called thr●eats to U.S○. technologi●es.FedEx said the pr●ohibitions contained○ in the EAR vi○olate the company○'s Constitution◆al rights an●d are practically im■possible to impl■ement."FedE〓x believes that the■ EAR violate comm●on carriers' rights● to due process● under the Fif■th Amendment of● the U.S. Constitu■tion as they unr◆easonably hold■ common carriers s〓trictly liable for◆ shipments ◆that may v◆iolate the EAR wi〓thout requi●ring evidence that● the carriers had ■knowledge of any◆ violations," 〓the company 〓said."This puts an■ impossible bu

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origin and tech〓nological make-○up of cont●ents of all the sh●ipments it han●dles and whet■her they com●ply with th●e EAR," it added.■Chinese auth○orities in Ma〓y launched an inv●estigation〓 into FedEx's 〓misrouting of Hu●awei packages, tw●o of which should ha■ve been deliv○ered from Ja■pan to Chi●na but ende■d up being redirecte●d to FedEx's global● hub in Memph●is, Tennessee.○FedEx in a M〓ay 28 statem●ent apologized for■ the deliv〓ery failure◆. "We confirm that ●no external party ●required Fe〓dEx to make t〓hese shipments," 〓it said.Chinese F〓oreign Ministry Spok●esperson Geng Shua◆ng told a news bri〓efing on M●onday that the U●.S. governmen■t has been■ trumping up 〓charges and◆ abusing claims of ◆national s◆ecurity to use s○t

ate power in clam■ping down o■n a Chinese busine■ss. As

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